January 21, 2020      

At i.t.Interactive, LLC we are always searching for new technologies, expanding our reach into the world of Internet development.   Watch this news page as we announce new web sites, upgrades to our software or just items of interest.
7/1/2016    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new website for the Greenway House Bed & Breakfast
9/24/2015    i.t.Interactive, LLC builds new website for Green Lake Title & Abstract Co., Inc.
9/15/2015    i.t.Interactive, LLC completes TRID Compliance project for Math Corporation
6/1/2015    ITI provides hosting services for
4/21/2015    All Action Charter Fishing chooses i.t.Interactive, LLC as their host
4/15/2015    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new Kentucky Fried Chicken catering websites
1/3/2015    Green Lake Festival of Music launches new website
10/15/2014    Whitemarsh Properties announces new website by i.t.Interactive, LLC
8/20/2014    Butzin-Marchant Funeral home launches much improved website
8/15/2014    Green Lake Greenways announces new website
8/1/2014    Ed Fischer continues consulting work at Mercury Marine
6/13/2014    Wisconsin Gospellers launches new website
3/17/2014    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new website for On Green Lake Rentals
2/15/2014    i.t.Interactive, LLC upgrades their hosting platform
12/15/2013    Ed Fischer to continue consulting work at Mercury Marine
12/14/2013    i.t.Interactive, LLC creates new website for Carol Shores Vacation Rentals, LLC
10/22/2013    i.t.Interactive, LLC creates new website for the Maplewood development
10/15/2013    i.t.Interactive, LLC takes over hosting and maintenance of the Wisconsin Balloon site
8/1/2013    Nexlight announces launch of new PerfectSense website
3/25/2013    Action Marina announces new website for 2013
3/6/2013    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches a new website - our own!
3/1/2013    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches goWISgo website
1/1/2013    Calbaum Insurance completes name change and website launch
12/28/2012    Thomas M. Keuler, CPA launches new website
12/1/2012    Ed Fischer to continue consulting work at Mercury Marine
12/1/2012    i.t.Interactive, LLC goes global with IAMI Europe website
6/12/2012    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new Math Corporation site
5/1/2012    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new website for Northport Engineering
4/20/2012    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new Silver Creek Dentistry website
2/13/2012    i.t.Interactive, LLC joins the iOS Developer Program
1/2/2012    Ed Fischer to continue consulting work at Mercury Marine
12/12/2011    i.t.Interactive, LLC Launches App Development Services
12/4/2011    New Topspin Tennis Website
11/15/2011    Olive Tree Ministries launches new website this week
8/29/2011    Oshkosh Coil Spring launches new website
7/20/2011    International Association of Marine Investigators launches new site
7/7/2011    New Phone Number
2/15/2011    John A. Liebert, MD, PC launches new website
1/13/2011    Investors Choice Funding launches new website
1/9/2011    Tank Technology launches new website
1/3/2011    Ed Fischer to continue consulting work at Mercury Marine
12/16/2010    Bock Foundation launches new website
11/11/2010    Ripon Congregational UCC Church launches new website
9/23/2010    Ripon Chamber - Member Spotlight
5/15/2010    White Lake Country Club launches new website
4/12/2010    NexLight launches new website this week
3/27/2010    Beware of this domain registration 'invoice' scam
3/14/2010    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new website
3/5/2010    Going Mobile - Get your website ready for smartphones
3/1/2010    i.t.Interactive, LLC joins Facebook
2/25/2010    i.t.Interactive, LLC incorporates on-line membership feature into the Green Lake Association website
2/10/2010    i.t.Interactive, LLC provides development services to Alliance Laundry Systems
2/8/2010    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new site for Green Lake Half Marathon
1/4/2010    Ed Fischer to continue consulting work at Mercury Marine
12/1/2009    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new site for High Plains Industrial
4/14/2009    NexLight Announces New Single Line Drawing Generator
3/1/2009    Shoreline Marine Contracting in Green Lake Wisconsin launches new website
1/3/2009    Thrasher Opera House launches updated website
11/1/2008    Debra Tyz, LLC Launches New Website
10/3/2008    Zodrow Insurance in Princeton launches new website
9/1/2008    Waterfront Grill in Green Lake Wisconsin launches new site
8/20/2008    Schneider Real Estate launches new website
8/15/2008    i.t.Interactive works Microsoft Access projects for Alliance Laundry Systems
7/24/2008    Havey Communications launches new website
6/20/2008    i.t.Interactive,LLC launches new website for Accurate Controls
6/12/2008    Dawn Chemical announces revamped website
4/4/2008    Nexlight Lighting Control Systems chooses i.t.Interactive, LLC for their website hosting and development needs
1/3/2008    Butzin Marchant launches new website
12/1/2007    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches upgraded website for Math Corporation
11/24/2007    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches new website
11/23/2007    Norwegian Ways launches upgraded website
11/15/2007    Ed Fischer to continue consulting work at Mercury Marine
11/8/2007    Village Carpets launches new website
11/1/2007    A Member of
7/28/2007    Communities of Green Lake announces new website
7/19/2007    Ripon Chamber of Commerce launches new website
6/21/2007    Norton's of Green Lake launches new website
4/19/2007    Ripon Truck launches new website!
4/15/2007    Ed Fischer supports new system deployment at Mercury Marine
4/1/2007    Modern Rentals launches new website
3/1/2007    Green Lake Cottage Rental launches new website
2/22/2007    Ed Fischer continues consulting work at Mercury Marine
1/1/2007    Green Lake Chamber launches Enhanced Membership feature
12/8/2006    Ripon Main Street Inc. completes website redesign
10/16/2006    All Wood Cabinetry in Green Lake Wisconsin announces new website
10/12/2006    The People's Church in Montello, WI launches new website
10/1/2006    Hillcrest at Maplewood announces new website
8/10/2006    i.t.Interactive, LLC launches 'Boat For Sale' website
8/3/2006    Bock Foundation announces new website
7/19/2006    Norwegian Ways Builders announces new website
7/18/2006    Ripon Community Church launches new website
7/5/2006    Diverse Options, Inc. announces new website
6/26/2006    Ripon Technology, LLC opens for business!
5/28/2006    Green Lake Spa announces upgraded website
5/1/2006    Spice Shop, LLC announces new eCommerce website
4/4/2006    Purfect Purrs announces website upgrade
3/25/2006    Mercury Marine chooses i.t.Interactive for EDI upgrade
1/12/2006    International Association of Marine Investigators launches new website!
12/15/2005    i.t.Interactive continues their support of the Ripon Relay for Life
12/1/2005    City of Green Lake chooses i.t.Interactive to develop new website
12/1/2005    International Association of Marine Investigators chooses i.t.Interactive as their website developer and hosting company
11/16/2005    Math Corporation chooses i.t.Interactive to add e-commerce options to their website
11/15/2005    Green Lake Association announces new website
11/10/2005    Ripon Relay for Life announces new 'Relay On-Line' website
9/27/2005    Expert Clinical Systems┬«, Inc announces 'The Digital Clinician' website!
9/25/2005    International Business Cards, Inc. announces website upgrade!
9/14/2005    Public Image chooses i.t.Interactive, LLC as it's website hosting service
9/12/2005    Green Lake Boat House chooses i.t.Interactive as it's website host!
5/25/2005    i.t.Interactive announces new web site for Gabert & Rusch Properties
4/29/2005    i.t.Interactive launches new web site for ET Forms, LLC
4/17/2005    Green Lake Cottage Rentals announces new web site
4/12/2005    Green Lake Marina Shoreline Inc announces new web site
4/1/2005    International Business Cards (IBC) expands their web presence
2/23/2005    i.t.Interactive creates new web site for Maplewood Development
2/1/2005    Ed Fischer completes long term contract with Mercury Marine
1/15/2005    International Business Cards, Inc. launches new web site
1/12/2005    Web Hosting at it's finest - 39.6 million hits!
11/1/2004    New Product - Funeral Home Forms System
10/25/2004    Malcolm Bay Realty & Land Company launches new web site
7/1/2004    New 'Purfect Purrs' web site
6/25/2004    i.t.Interactive sponsors new web site for RiponFest
5/29/2004    i.t.Interactive announces new web site for Green Lake Cottage
5/1/2004    Ripon Truck launches new website!
4/27/2004    Butzin Marchant Web Site Enhancements
4/19/2004    Cold Fusion Development Project
4/18/2004    2004 Ripon Relay For Life a Huge Success
3/28/2004    Math Corporation Launches New Web Site
2/25/2004    Java Project Completed
12/28/2003    Room To Breathe Yoga Studio Announces New Web Site
12/15/2003    Ripon Relay for Life Website
6/30/2003    Ripon Chamber of Commerce announces new web site
4/11/2003    Green Lake Chamber of Commerce Web Site Upgrade
4/9/2003    Thrasher Opera House Web Site Launch
3/15/2003    Wachholz and Sons web site launch
3/6/2003    Four new web sites this week!
2/26/2003    Small downtown Ripon shops to get big online audience
2/24/2003 continues to expand
2/21/2003 adds three new members
2/10/2003 Begins to Grow!
1/16/2003 Web Site Launch Begins!
12/3/2002    RCSShop Web Site Upgrade
11/29/2002    Green Lake Country Motorcoach Page Upgrade
10/15/2002    Tips on how to keep your web site fresh!
9/15/2002    RCSShop Web Site Upgrade
9/1/2002    Company Name Change - Newspaper Article
8/1/2002    New Midwest Homes web site is launched
4/5/2002    Butzin-Marchant web site is launched