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    January 19, 2020      

9/25/2005 - International Business Cards, Inc. announces website upgrade!

This week, i.t.Interactive, LLC completed an upgrade to the International Business Card, Inc website.  The new website now includes some of the following features:

  • Website addresses can now be entered for each Division record
  • Misc fields can now have customized labels by Account
  • Shipping and Billing addresses can now be locked at the Account level to prevent users from modifying these addresses
  • Phone number templates can now be used to force phone number entry to specific formats by Account
  • Phone number entry can now be customized by Account to allow users to enter labels or to force template entry
  • The website can now be customized by account with a unique color scheme for the navigation area

All options have been integrated into the customer's account management screens for complete customization.

You can visit their website at