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    January 19, 2020      

2/1/2005 - Ed Fischer completes long term contract with Mercury Marine

Ed Fischer completed a contracting/consulting assignment this month at Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The assignment, which lasted nearly 5 years, incorporated a wide range of project assignments, technologies and system development responsibilities. A partial list of some of those projects are listed below:

  1. Warehouse Vehicle Management System. Ed acted as project leader, lead analyst/designer and programmer on this 8 month project to create a new system to manage Mercury's warehouse activities. The project incorporates web-based, wireless technology to provide real-time information to warehouse vehicle operators. Utililizing java components with a mainframe interface, the system has exceeded the business owner's expectations for usability, reliability and performance.
  2. E-Commerce Web Site. Ed acted as project leader, lead analyst/designer and programmer on this project to deploy and upgrade Mercury's on-line parts catalog web site. The web site,, incorporates a full-featured shopping cart application that interfaces to an extranet web site providing system access to Mercury's dealerships. The extranet site allows the dealerships to monitor and fullfill consumer orders, review feedback results, control product pricing and a host of web site configuration options.
    The web site utilizes Microsoft ASP/COM components and Oracle databases.
  3. Extranet Web Site. Ed supported a wide range of projects to enhance Mercury's extranet web site that provides system access to dealerships. Projects included features like Technical Assistance, Warranty Claims, Order Processing, Product Information, Customer Information, Product Registration and Business Profile. Technologies utilized include Cold Fusion, Java/JSP, ASP and Mainframe Cobol.
  4. Client Server Application Support. Ed supported a variety of client server applications providing system support for Engineering, Warranty Claims, Service Call, Parts Return, Manufacturing and New Product Development. Technologies included Visual Basic, ObjectView and Mainframe Cobol.
  5. Mainframe System Support. Ed supported many mainframe systems including Warehouse Support, Engineering, Service, Warranty, Order Processing, Invoicing and Product Pricing. These systems utilize mainframe technologies such as Cobol, DB/2, DB/DC, IMS, JCL, MFS, VSAM and MQ Series.

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