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    January 23, 2020      

4/11/2003 - Green Lake Chamber of Commerce Web Site Upgrade

This week we completed an upgrade to the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce web site. Utilizing a new marketing strategy, the web site has been renamed to The new features continue to enhance the chamber's ability to control the content and provide the most up-to-date information possible. Some new features of the web site include:
  • The implementation of text editors into the administrative web site allowing the chamber office much more control over the style of the content they provide.
  • The addition of a Relocation Package page providing helpful information to people considering a move to Green Lake.
  • The addition of the new bike maps produced by the chamber office.
  • Enhanced image processing features allowing the chamber office full control over the Photo Tour page, the Recent Photo page and many images throughout the web site.

You can visit their web site at