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    January 21, 2020      

6/1/2015 - ITI provides hosting services for

i.t.Interactive, LLC successfully moved the Happy Face Apparel website over to our hosting service.   The move was coordinated with no down time.   Happy Face Apparel chose i.t.Interactive, LLC for our fast and reliable hosting service.

You can visit their website at

Solutions for Kids' Special Needs 

If your child tends to undress at inappropriate times or if their little hands have made big messes involving incontinence or hygiene, they can help!

Happy Face Apparel offers a full line of comfortable and stylish clothing options for kids sizes 2 to 14. In line with their mission, they help preserve your child's dignity and give you more control.

Other Happy Face Apparel Solutions
Feeding Tube Solutions that protect the tube, and provide quick, easy access for the caregiver.
Oral motor and feeding tools that help develop biting and chewing skills.
Sensory/motor regulation accessories to provide positive stimulation.
And...Happy Face Apparel accessory favorites - Our go-to tools that we couldn't live without!