News Detail
    January 19, 2020      


Story courtesy of WRPN-AM Radio in Ripon.

(RIPON) – In a tough economy, local businesses continue to look for ways to get their message out to a consumer population that appears to tightening their wallets and clamping down on their credit cards. In an effort to increase the exposure for the Ripon Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with a local web developer to launch

As of Wednesday, nine businesses had signed up with the webpage, which also features links to the Ripon College, the Ripon School District, WRPN-AM, and city government. Ed Fischer, owner of i.t. Interactive, says the idea for the website came to him during Dickens of A Christmas when he saw a brochure listing downtown businesses. He says companies and businesses without a website will be able to have one developed then placed on the site.

With the recent implosion of dot com stocks and failed Internet sites, Fischer admits there has been some apprehension on the part of businesses to advertise on the Web.

Fischer said a companion site,, is also on line, and a similar site for Fond du Lac businesses is in the planning stages.