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    January 19, 2020      

12/16/2010 - Bock Foundation launches new website

The John C. Bock Foundation is organized and operated for the preservation, maintenance and enhancement of land areas in their natural or undeveloped state that support woodlands and old-growth forests, principally those proximate to Lake Mendota, Wisconsin, and generally in the state of Wisconsin.

The mission of the Foundation is public education, particularly of builders and developers, regarding the importance of the preservation, conservation, and custodianship of the natural resources of land, emphasizing mature woodlands and old-growth forests.

To this end, the Foundation supports educational activities and research of this nature.   The foundation also supports other qualifying conservation organizations that are directly engaged in the preservation and protection of landscapes containing mature woodlands and old-growth forests.

This week, i.t.Interactive, LLC launches a new website for the Bock Foundation.  i.t.Interactive, LLC worked with the website design components created by Quarry School Publishing Services.   i.t.Interactive, LLC provided the content coordination and technical development for the site.

You can visit their new website at