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    January 19, 2020      

3/5/2010 - Going Mobile - Get your website ready for smartphones

Going Mobile

What do you think of when you hear that term?   Many of us may start singing the 1971 song from The Who.  You may even have that song on your iPod.   Some of us may even admit to owning the vinyl version of this album.....Who's Next.

Today, Going Mobile takes on a whole new meaning.  How many of us have smartphones and can surf the web on our phone?  Smartphone sales have grown significantly each of the past three years.  Some reports show that nearly 175 million smartphones were sold worldwide in 2009.

Is your website ready for the mobile user?  

i.t.Interactive, LLC can help you reach these smartphone users.  Today, your website may be too graphic and oversized for smartphone use.  How do you think your current site will look and operate on a 2.5 inch screen?  Most sites today are too graphic to be usable on a mobile browser.  Size your browser down to 2.5 inches wide and that is what your site will look like on a phone.

We can help you reach these users by creating a mobile template for your existing site.  You don't need a whole new site.  Just a template that dumbs down your site to make it display quicker on a smartphone and the new template will also make it easier to navigate. 

vspace=15To see an example, take a look at our website, (picture to right).    From a regular computer you get the full graphic navigation area at the top of the page.  When accessed from a smartphone, we display the same content, but, in a new template that makes it load faster and makes it easier to navigate.  

If you don't currently have a smartphone, you can see the smartphone version of our site at    Notice the simplified navigation and smaller graphics.....   True, it does not look as nice as the original version, but, style is not as important when viewing a site on a phone. 

People accessing websites from their phones are looking for quick address, a phone number, a map, a menu, a picture of the house they are going to see, a price on a product, hours of operation, rental rates,...   They need the information now!

Please give me a call or send me an email and we can discuss options for making your site mobile-ready.

Ed Fischer