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    January 26, 2020      

9/15/2002 - RCSShop Web Site Upgrade

Our first major upgrade to this software, this version is destined to become the cornerstone of many upcoming projects. Features provided by this web site include:
  • Automated credit card processing

  • Product categorization

  • The ability to create product options (size, color, gift wrapping,...)

  • Product information including descriptions, pictures, weights, inventory
    control, featured products, discounts, pricing, and much more

  • Customer reviews

  • Tax calculations by location

  • Shipping method configuration

  • Order management and reporting including automatic email notification to
    customers on order status modifications (pending, received, shipped,

  • Customer information management

  • Order statistics

  • Newsletter creation to current customer base

  • News/Events page

  • FAQs

Nearly 100% of the information on this web site is maintained by the web site
owner through a secure and easy to use interface.  With minimal training,
most customers are able to manage their own web in no time.  

You can visit our demo site at