About Us
    January 21, 2020      

i.t.Interactive, LLC was founded in 1992 by Ed Fischer.  With over 30 years of systems design and development experience, Ed has established a reputation of solid technical knowledge and project management skills. 

The company's early roots began with DOS-based applications, progressed through Windows client-server development and followed the natural progression to web development by the end of the decade.  Our current toolset incorporates the latest technology including HTML, Active Server Pages, Javascript, XML, COM and relational databases.

i.t.Interactive's current client base consists of local organizations, businesses around the Midwest and across the country.  Real estate, tourism, software development, manufacturing and local service organizations make up the broad range of businesses we serve. 

Our specialty is finding a solution that fits our customers needs.   That is our number one priority.

A partnership with a strong hosting/server organization in the past few years has allowed us to offer complete web site development and hosting services.  Our web sites are hosted at a top-of-the-line Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing exceptional performance and reliability.   A 24 x 7 monitoring service ensures that communication or hardware problems are detected and corrected to keep our client sites up and running.